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supportersFor the companions or followers who come to enjoy the weekend in the Tena Valley , the organization of the race will offer services and parallel activities in order to facilitate the follow up and make the wait more enjoyable while The different tests are performed.

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  • The village of Panticosa will be conditioned to be able to witness the departure and arrival of the tests, as well as the live development through TV screens.
  • Different events during the weekend: child climbing, live music, animation groups, etc.
  • The routes have as control points and supplies the shelters stored belonging to the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation (FAM). All of them will be open to the companions and the possible reservations ( NOT included in the inscription) can be made in the following link:


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Approximate access time to shelters is as follows:

  • Refugio La Casa de Piedra / Balneario de Panticosa: Accessible by car.
  • GR-11– Refugio de Bachimaña: 1h1 / 2 walk from the Panticosa Spa.
  • GR-11– Refugio Respomuso: 3 hours on foot from La Sarra, Sallent de Gállego.

[/dt_vc_list][dt_gap][dt_vc_list]In addition to these refugees, the test will pass through the following areas accessible by vehicle where the companions can follow the participants:

  • Refugee Casa de Piedra / Balneario.
  • Parking La Sarra (Sallent de Gállego).
  • ZArea of ​​the chalets in the urbanization of Formigal (10 min. walking).
  • Sallent de Gállego.
  • Highway Lanuza.
  • Panticosa.

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