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Obligations of the corridors related to the respect and care of the natural environment.

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Regardless of the route chosen, do not forget the following:


Respect the environment. Do not damage natural, geological, cultural resources.

Respect the itinerary established and marked by the organization, not leaving it.

Do not cross field. Avoid trimming inside the curves.

The prohibition of throwing garbage (waste, wrappings, food or material) except in the places authorized by the organization.

Do not emit light signals or flashes, except the front illumination of the route, in night sections.

Report any negligent environmental behavior of other runners.

Do not shout during the tour. Keep quiet.

Avoid stepping inside damp areas: ponds, streams, peat bogs, etc.

These obligations should also be taken into account during the training periods prior to the participation of the sporting event

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To participate in the Aragon Championship, all Spanish participants, or with Spanish nationality, will be members of a FAM club and will be in possession of the FEDME license (processed by the FAM club) this year, including sports insurance covering the Participation in the competition according to Royal Decree 849/1993 of June 4.